This year Halloween is also on our server. On this occasion we have prepared two events that will last for the next week.

Every day at 12:00 P.M. near the well at the Rookgaard will appear The Halloween Hare. Rabbit do not damage, but can change you in Vampire, Ghost, Witch, Skeleton or Mummy for a total of 3 days. However, if somebody is scared of losing their costume for so long, the priests of both temples will rush to help. Just ask them for help and they will gladly take away your rabbit curse.

The second event is the invasion of The Mutated Pumpkin, every day at 6:00 P.M. in the desert. Like on Real, monster has 500,000 HP, so you will need a larger group to defeat it. Fighters will be rewarded with a huge injection of experience, 300,000 experience points (already raised by 10x exp rate) to split into all involved players! For ease of use, the monster does not heal, but the remaining attacks are accurately reproduced.

See you in the game, hear you in chat! :)

Update #22

After a few months, finally, on the server has appeared long awaited by players The Ice Islands Quest! Quest has been mainly inspired by the equivalent of Mainland and is suited to the capabilities of our Rookgaard. The first missions are at NPC Iskan, located in the northern part of Glacius.

However, to start the missions you must prove that you are worthy by doing Barbarian Test Quest at NPC Sven, also at Glacius. During the Ice Islands Quest, players will face various types of enemies, including Quara`s at underwater, Crystal Spiders behind closed bars, and Ice Golems and Witches in the tower north of Glacius. Due to the addition of new types of monsters, some restrictions have been removed from various items, such as potions or items of equipment.

The second major new feature is the automatic recording system inspired by the several years old BynaCam project. At the moment of logging in, the server starts to save the player's entire game, and after logout the panel will display a download file. The system can be useful when we want to capture some moments, to return to them in the future, or if we miss something, watch it again. Currently, the recording can only be downloaded by the owner, but plans are to prepare a special panel to mute the eq / messages / statistics of the character, cut out a specific portion of the recording to make the recording available to the public.

The last system is Mining and Smithing. Some of it`s elements are already in the game, others are still developing. Ultimately, the system will allow minor improvements in weapons and equipment using crystals extracted from the caves.

Throughout this time, there have also been many bug fixes that you report through various channels. Now that the quest is added in full we will be able to focus on improving the rest and developing more things. We will now focus on adding outfits and addons to Wizard, Oriental and Norseman, adding tasks bosses and finishing the crafting system.

See you in the game, hear you in chat! :)

Continuation of server development


The holiday season definitely did not favor the development of the server, as evidenced by only two posts with minor updates last months. As I suspected, the time I could spend on developing the server after my marriage decreased significantly, and extra long holidays additionally increased stasis. This does not mean, however, that nothing happened during this time. In my spare time I am developing Ice Island Quests, and with the team we have devised new quests and systems, and we have further developed related projects, such as trying to implement the automatic CAM generation system (if you would like to help, please contact us here for more details: http://otland.net/threads/cam-system.253606/), testing the server capabilities of version 6.4 (also, feel free to help, more info here https://otland.net/threads/tibia-server-6-4.253608/), client development on Android, site preparation and server for the new version 10.98. With the announcement of the deadlines, we will still pause, but the most likely start date of the new server in the new version is the last weekend of December this year.

See you in the game, hear you in chat!

Update #21

Hello after nearly four weeks of break. This long distance was mainly due to my two weeks vacation, but in the meantime I had time to add new things. During this time:

The Barbarian Test Quest has been added, which is a direct introduction to Ice Island Quests, and subsequently to Norseman Outfit Quest. The first mission is similar with a version known from Real (the quest also starts at NPC Sven), and the other two are completely different, but the NPC tells the story together with the Quest Log entry. As the Barbarian Test is already added in full, Ice Island is ready 6 missions, so it's closer to the end than the beginning. Along with Quest, Astrona's large area on Glacius has been added. This is not his last word, because the underworld will also grow. The Barbarians have found their place in the new area.

There have been a lot of bug fixed reported over the past few weeks, including unpacking of Robert's packs, Stuffed Dragon animations, tasks, Dharalion boss, and some of the monsters I missed earlier (mostly Outlaws group).

The full support for all channels for bug reporting and reporting has been added. You can now report errors using the shortcut CTRL + Z by filling out a brief description in the new window.

Every player can additionally submit a report in 3 categories:

  • against player name
  • against player statement
  • using cavebot by the player

Submission of this report takes place by right-clicking on the player or his statement, selecting Report Offence and filling in the following fields. Because messages from the Default channel and private messages are not saved anywhere, reporting such messages does not make sense because the official client does not send reported message, so it is best to report only messages from global channels such as Game-Chat, Help, and Trade channels. Every reports I will try to browse daily, and if any will require an answer, I will provide such. Of course, you can still send reports to tutors, on Game-Chat, Help, offline messages, email or Facebook.

In the next update will be added the Ice Island Quest quests to allow players to get started (this time it will be more complicated than Postman Quest).

See you in the game, hear you in chat! :)

Update #20

Welcome to another small update.

1. Stolen Armory Quest has been added. There are rumors that there has been a robbery in the armory, and one of the guards may know something. Will you be the one who will recover the stolen weapon?

2. We fixed the bug that caused the monsters on some resps (mainly on Luminis in the jungle) respawns longer than they should. The problem has already been eliminated on all spawns.

3. The holiday season began, so we started work on a new version of the game - 10.98. Just like last year, the 8.60 server launch was preceded by a few months beta-tests, so it will be the same for the new version. However, before we get to the beta we need to put some work into preparation, so more information will be in future news.

Due to the forthcoming changes, we have prepared a separate Login Server, an independent application that primarily serves to display the player's list of characters from all worlds in which he or she has a character. Thus, regardless of whether the game server is turned off or Server Save is on, the player will always see his character list. Similar solution is used on CipSoft servers, and the presence of such a program is more noticeable since the server save of their world takes a few minutes. In our case, saving and full restart of the game world takes less than 10 seconds. The new solution will work from tomorrow's Server Save, so it's possible this one time will take a little longer than usual.

4. At the same time we are working on a mobile client for the Android platform. Currently, we have managed to implement character control using the arrows displayed next to the game window. Mod comes from GitHub.

Period after holidays is very promising. Nevertheless, the development of new functionality does not cause a decrease in the speed of changes in the current version of the game, which will be active simultaneously with the new client. One big quest has been added, the bigger, new area is in the final stages of development, and hopefully we will soon be able to add the expected changes to Glacius.

See you in the game, hear you in chat! :)